As part of EPA’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions through improved energy efficiency, the ENERGY STAR energy performance scale documents a building’s carbon footprint and efficient use of energy, including electricity, natural gas, and oil. The Innovation Center of Vermont at 128 Lakeside Avenue in Burlington achieved an ENERGY STAR score of 93, putting it in the top 7 percent of all office buildings in the United States for environmentally-friendly office space.
Introduced in 1992, the ENERGY STAR is the national symbol for superior energy efficiency. In addition to performance levels for energy efficiency, the buildings must also meet Indoor Air quality test requirements, illumination levels, and thermal comfort of its tenants in accordance with ASHRAE standards.


• Electrical consumption cut by 32%, and natural gas consumption by 60%, over the last 5 years
• On-site geothermal well for “energy free” cooling year round
• Direct Digital Control (DDC) of air conditioners, lighting, compressors and fan motors
• Ultra-efficient boilers for natural gas heat
• Energy-efficient lighting operated by motion detectors and computer switches
• Complex computer sensing of temperature requirements based on outside air and humidity, eliminating temperature variations in individualized zones